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Rough Road Ahead

Rough Road Ahead

Feature by Christian Frosch, 108 min., colour/s/w, DE/AT 2014

This is the story of Ruby and Martin, a love story in the year 1967. Accused of "impending sexual degradation" the two youngsters are locked up in juvenile institutions and have to endure through a season in hell.

Script & director:
Christian Frosch
Victoria Schulz, Anton Spieker, Ben Becker, Ursula Ofner, Thorsten Merten, Erni Mangold, Cora Frost, Markus Hering, Walfriede Schmitt
Frank Amann
Karin Hammer
Jost Hering, Jost Hering Filme
Co- producers:
Viktoria Salcher, Mathias Forberg(Prisma Film, Wien) with support of  Cine+ and weltfilm
Renting agency:


von jetzt an kein zurück



  • Hamburg/SWH Nordmedia BKM DFFF ÖFI Niederösterreich Kultur
  • Drehbuchentwicklung unterstützt durch EQUINOXE GERMANY


  • Oldenburg Filmfestival 2014
  • International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg 2014
  • Nordic Film Days 2014
    Berlinale Lola 2015
    Brussels Filmfestival 2015
    A-U-D-I Festival Australien 2015


  • Golden Iris Award, Brussels Film Festival 2015
  • Audience Award and Special Mention, Diagonale 2015
  • Karin Hammer: "Best Montage", Diagonale 2015
  • Victoria Schulz and Anton Spieker: "Deutscher Schauspielerpreis Nachwuchs" 2015
  • Victoria Schulz "Seymur-Cassel-Preis, Oldenburg Filmfestival 2014
  • 4 Nominations for the German Fipresci Award:
  • Best Film
  • Best Actress (Victoria Schulz)
  • Best Music (Andreas Ocker)
  • Best Film Editing (Karin Hammer)
  • 2 Nominations for The Austrian Film Award
  • Best Screenplay (Christian Frosch)
  • Best Costume Design (Stefanie Jauß)
  • Austrian Film Award 2016: Best Screenplay (Christian Frosch)

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