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The Judge © Andreas Bolm

The Judge

feature by Andreas Bolm, 68 min., Germany 2016

- Didn’t you know that you were giving poison to him?
- No, I didn’t know.
- But you did know that the flypaper could kill a cat, didn’t you? Didn’t you know that it could even kill a man?
- Yes...I knew it was poison...but not as strong as that.

Words and phrases, fragments of a trial: peasant women poisoning their men.
On the roads of Hungary a judge is haunted by his own voice.
Jacques Nolot is the wandering judge obsessed by the grip of the past.
A film noir based on a true story.

Script & Director, Photographer:
Andreas Bolm
Claire Atherton
Cast Judge:
Jacques Nolot
pickpocket production

 Founded by

  • Nipkow Programm 2013
  • Akademie Schloss Solitude Winter/Spring 2014
  • CNAP Centre national des arts plastiques, France 2016

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