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Diego © weltfilm


Documentary film by Kristina Konrad

23-year-old Diego, born in Switzerland and raised in London, is on the verge of completing his master's degree in physics at Oxford. But where should he go from here?

Diego could go into research after graduation — but there are many good reasons for choosing a career in the world of finance and following the footsteps of his father, with whom he has a close relationship. It would mean a lot of money and adrenalin, but also a lot of stress.

Or how about programming algorithms 16 hours a day for the controversial high-frequency trade? Or perhaps a future in academics would be better, with more time left over for making music, seeing friends, doing sports, and partying.

Kristina Konrad
Gerd Breiter
Andreas Bolm
René Frölke
weltfilm by order of ZDF/3sat, for the slot "Ab 18!"

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