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Vidhvastha | Devastated

Fiction by Ashish Avikunthak - Bengali, 86 minutes, India & Germany, 2024

Present. Modi’s India. A series of intense and intimate conversation between a middle-aged police encounter-specialist (hitman) and his wife and lover lays bare his obsession with extra judicial killing of Muslim men. Parallelly, a dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjun (as the hitman) from Bhagavad Gita unfolds. Krishna admonishes Arjun’s timidity to kill his own family and friends and puts forward one of the most powerful theological and philosophical justification in Hinduism for war and violence against fellow human beings.


Written, directed & produced:
Ashish Avikunthak
weltfilm Kristina Konrad & Soumya Mukhopadhaya
Basab Mullik & Pratyush Bhattacharyya
Barnali Bose & Ashish Avikunthak 
 Cast:  Mainak Dasgupta, Sagnik Mukherjee, Prasenjit Bardhan, Debleena Sen, Sanghamitra Deb & Sanghamitra Das

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