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A Memory in three Acts © Inadelso Cossa


documentary film by Inadelso Cossa, 64 min., Mozambique/Germany 2016

Mozambique colonial history left a big wound in today country’s collective memory. A Memory In Three Acts it’s a poetic search on post-colonial trauma and collective memory loss where voiceless people who had resist in the underground where remain silent to tell their story.
Former political prisoners who decide to go back to the places where they used to be tortured, to meet their ghosts, rebuild their memories of torture and find a possible reconciliation as a treatment for their trauma. As an essay on colonialism and violence the film inquires about the duty of memory in the authors point of view.

Script & Director:
Inadelso Cossa
Kristina Konrad
Inadelso Cossa
16mm filmes Mozambique
Founded by:
IDFA Bertha Fund 2014



IDFA Competition for First Appearance, 2016

Göteborg Film Festival 2017

Founded by:

  • IDFA Bertha Fund 2014

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