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Le Président

The president

Le Président
Fiction by Jean-Pierre Bekolo, 63 min, Cameroon/ Germany 2013

Film must use its aesthetic and narrative potential to play a role in the African democratic process.

The film takes shape around activism, but without losing its light touch. It asks questions about the responsibility of those in power. "The President" is an allegory about the men who run Africa. We know they all like to see themselves as wild beasts – panther, crocodile, lion – if not as gods of Africa. The President tries to clear a place for film in the arena of African politics, where truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Simon Njami
Gerard Essomba Valery Ndongo Valsero Max Essouma
Annette Muff/ Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Didier Mercier, Dieudonné Mballa, Mballa Bertrand, Ngah Ruth Essangui
Kristina Konrad
Kristina Konrad - weltfilm, Jean-Pierre Bekolo Sarl
en association avec CANAL+ AFRIQUE
Sound design & sound mix:
Felix Rost
Special effects & colorist:
René Frölke
«Midal» de Georges Telek Album Serious Tam 2000
«Le Chapeau du Chef» de Smarty Album Afrikan Kouleurs 2012
Lettre au Président de Valsero Album Politikement Instable 2008



  • selected by OPEN DOORS Filmfestival Locarno 2012
  • Cinema Arsenal Berlin
  • Worldpremiere Durban Intern. Film Festival
  • manyFestivals worldwide
  • Buni TV, 8407 people in one week
  • Top visiting cities were 1. Nairobi, 2. Douala, 3. London, 4. Yaoundé, 5. Paris, 6. Montreal, 7. Berlin, 8. Toronto, 9. New York


LE PRÉSIDENT / THE PRESIDENT by Jean-Pierre Bekolo - Trailer VOD © Bekolo, Kristina Konrad, weltfilm GmbH Berlin

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