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My Last Video © Gerd Breiter

My Last Video

Documentary by Andreas Bolm und Gerd Breiter, 30 min., Germany 2018

"Dreams are there to be realized. There are no limits. You can do anything if you really want to.“
That is Anton's life motto. He firmly believes in it. And what sounds like a hackneyed phrase from a perfume advertisement at first sounds convincingly fresh from the mouth of a 20-year-old who already has a successful career behind him and is now planning the next one.
Anton Großmann has been blogging on You Tube under the stage name "Reyst" since he was 14 years old and in recent years has built up a large community of subscribers on his channel of the same name - mostly teenagers of his age or younger. For a creator in Anton's league, You Tube means a full-time job.
Anton recently celebrated his 20th birthday - on YouTube, of course. Time for him to sum up and tackle a new dream: his first feature film. It's supposed to be a blockbuster. But he even accepts to reduce the You Tube activity and plans his last video. There are still more than 400,000 fans behind him. But what consequences will a withdrawal from the You Tube world have for him and his future plans? Can he do without the daily kicks and clicks? How long does the fame of a You Tuber last?
Written, directed, edited:
            Andreas Bolm / Gerd Breiter
weltfilm GmbH comissioned by ZDF/3sat
Dop: Gerd Breiter
Sound: Andreas Bolm


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