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Otra historia del mundo | Another Story of the World

Feature by Guillermo Casanova, 105 min., Uruguay, Argentine, Brazil, Germany 2017

In Mosquitos, Uruguay, at a town asleep, a coronel obsessed with his garden gnomes and a
mailman who reads others correspondence control anything strange that happens among the citizens.

Two friends, Gregorio Esnal and Milo Striga, set to spark a rebellion with his fellow neighbours but their plan fails, and Milo is caught

Feeling ashamed, Esnal locks in the darkness of his room and by himself he will build an elaborate plan to cheat the coronel and change the minds of everyone in town about the Strigas.

He will get the citizens of mosquitos together to teach incredible classes of "Universal History",
twisting the stories a bit and adding fascinating characters.

Guillermo Casanova
Gustavo Hadba
Guillermo Casanova / Inés Bortagaray
Guillermo Casanova, Pablo Riera   
Lavorágine Films, in coproduction with Lagarto Cine, Três mundos produções, weltfilm GmbH

César Troncoso, Roberto Suárez, Natalia Mikeliunas, Alfonsina Carrocio, Néstor Guzzini

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