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Berlin Improvisation © Roberto Duarte

Berliner Improvisation

Creative documentary film by Roberto Duarte, 43 min., Germany 2016

Deep and subjective observation on free improvisation made in Berlin.Listen, react, flow.

Unlike composed music, free improvisation shifts the focal point of formal perfection towards the here and now, from the result towards the process of creating and envisioning the transcendence of the immanent

Berlin: music in real time.

Immediately after the fall of the wall, a new generation of experimental musicians, improvisers and sound artists from different countries was established in Berlin.

The city at that time was going through a period of awakening and strong political, social and cultural rights which opened great possibilities and spaces for experimentation changes.

More than an aesthetic definition, free improvisation refers to a way of doing, under which we find a variety of styles, from electro-acoustic music and new reductionism to noise and sound installations.


Script, Director, DoP, Editing, Sound:
Roberto Duarte
Roberto Duarte
Wolfgang Müller
Alessandro Bosseti / ausland
Robin Hayward - Morten J. Olsen / Labor Sonor
Burkhard Beins - Rhodri Davies - Labor Sonor
Barcelona Series (Andrea Neumann - Axel Dörner - Sven-Åke Johansson) / ausland
Activity Center (Michael Renkel - Burkhard Beins) with Sven-Åke Johansson / ausland
Weird Weapons (Olaf Rupp - Tony Buck - Joe Williamson) / ausland
Mathias Maschat
Clayton Thomas - Burkhard Beins / Sowieso
Grapeshade (Biliana Voutchkova - Klaus Janek - Ingo Reulecke) / exploratorium berlin
Milla Koistinen (and Marc Pira) / Gemeindesaal Immanuelkirche
Marta Zapparoli / ausland
Sabine Vogel / Sacrow at the Havel
Puzzled Waves (Sebastian Gräfe) / The Hidden Institute Studio
Alessandra Eramo / Spektrum
Audrey Chen / Sowieso
Annette Krebs
Isak Hedtjärn - Emilio Gordoa / Sowieso
Emilio Gordoa / Sowieso
Biliana Voutchkova - Mazen Kerbaj - Andrew Lafkas

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