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Everyday History

documentary film by Gabrielle Baur & Kristina Konrad, CH/NI 1986, 78 min, 16mm, colour, OV spanish, ST german, engl.

Nicaragua's Revolution as seen by Women and Mothers

Doña Petrona, from the rural town of Regadio, persistently asserts her belief in the traditional role of women while her step-daughter, Otilia, confronts this rural/conservative attitude and seeks more freedom and independence.

Doña Clementina in the small town of Esteli supports the revolution with the hope that this will open more doors for women. Her daughter, Joana, wants to be a professional. She gets a grant to study medicine in the Soviet Union.

Other young women voluntarily join the military and perceive their duty as part of the battle to advance the place of women in society.

The film tactfully approsches the lives of these women: their lives in the countryside, the city and on the front-lines. An intimate view, not without contradictions lifestyles and rhythms of Nicaragua.

Written & directed by:
Gabrielle Baur & Kristina Konrad
Gabrielle Baur
Kristina Konrad
Gabrielle Baur, Kristina Konrad, Kurt Mäder
Production department world sales:
ONIX, Postfach 751, Langstrasse 64, CH-8024 Zürich


  • Solothurner Filmtage (CH 1987)
  • Feminale (D 1987)
  • Festival International du Film Documentaire Nyon (CH 1987)
  • Internationales Festival des Neuen Lateinamerikanischen
  • Kinos, Havanna (CUBA 1987)
  • Internationale Leipziger Dokumentar- und Kurzfilmwochen (DDR 1986)
  • Festival de Cine Iberoamericano, Huelva (E 1988)
  • Solothurner Filmtage, (1996)
  • Women in the Director's Chair (USA 1989)

Studienkinos (CH/D), Parallelverleih, Fernsehen


  • Studienprämie des Bundes (award)

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