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Gesches Gift © Jost Hering Filmproduktion

Gesches Poison

Feature by Walburg von Waldenfels, Script Walburg von Waldenfels & Christian Frosch, D 1997, 95 min.

"Gesche's Poison" is a psychological portrait of the murderess, Gesche Gottfried, who was the last woman to be Dpublicly executed in Bremen, 1831. Gesche Gottfried, known to her neighbours and friends as an upright Christian, loving mother, and dutiful wife, poisoned her parents, her brother, two husbands, and three children: all within a span of 15 years. Although she never denied her deeds during her trial, she also never gave any reason for her actions.

"Gesche's Poison" is a poetic thriller, which instead of answering questions prefers to pull the audience into Gesche's world: a romantic world in which the dead are omnipresent.

Walburg von Waldenfels
Walburg von Waldenfels, Christian Frosch
Krzystof Ptak
Peter Ludwig/Paul Browse
Production dept.:
Jost Hering Filmproduktion
in Co-production with ZDF

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