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The Excuse of the American Dream © Laura Mara Tablón

The Excuse of the American Dream

Documentary by Florencia Mugica y Laura Mara Tablón, Argentina / Germany

The Excuse of the American Dream is a movie about family ties, about a mother-daughter relationship. In the year 2002, Silvana, as recently separated woman, leaves
her country and her daughter to emigrate and settle in Miami. In spite of being connected all the time thanks to technology, there is a huge distance between mother and daughter, and their communication is superficial. Miami is a city where nobody ever grows up, where everything appears to be perfect, but is it really like that? How is the other Miami? Silvana lives her life as if she was the star of a reality show, but is this really her? 16 years later since Silvana’s departure, Florencia travels in order to look for the real Miami and connect with her mother for the first time.
Script / Director:
            Florencia de Mugica /
Laura Mara Tablón
weltfilm Berlin
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