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Cruising in High Heels

Cruising in High Heels

documentary film by Simon Paetau, 48 min, Germany 2015

'Cruising in High Heels' is a film about two apocalyptic sissies between Bogota, Berlin and Cartagena. One is a dancer, the other a Filmmaker. What starts as a documentary about a dancer, transforms slowly into a performance for film. The performances they create play with the in-between, male female, and the appropriation of spaces and expectations projected onto them. Jair says to Simon: "Look, my friend Victoria Beckham, when she has the flu, she puts on high heels, puts on make-up, makes herself look amazing and the flu goes away. This is achieving such self-knowledge that a flu goes away with lipstick and high heels."

Script & Director:
Simon Paetau
Jair Luna, Simon J.Paetau, Dieter Rita Scholl, Dwayne Strike, Lieschen Müller, Santiago Gomez Crisman Ferreira
Art Director, Locations, Costumes:
Michi Muchina
Friederike Hirz
Juan Soto
Julia Maretto, César Fernández
Bomba Estereo, Shaun W. Wright, Jaqee, Cero 39
Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)/ weltfilm Berlin
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