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Love Songs for Scumbags Phillip Duncan

Love Songs for Scumbags

fiction by Phillip Duncan, 102 Min., colour, OV german/english, D/USA 2012

Filmmaker Phillip Duncan uses elements of his own biography to create this imagined family history, which encompasses the worlds of Music, Art, Sex, Language, Loneliness, Homesickness, Identity (and here where one expect the phrase, "and above all, Love", the synopsis turns into a fine mist which drifts over the rooftops of Berlin and blots out that peculiar lilac half-moon which hangs above us all.

Phillip Duncan
Phillip Duncan
Jule Torhorst, Stefan Kolosko, Marilena Netzker, Phillip Duncan, Antje Schmiele, Jens Roth, Gabriele Blum, Juliana Kissener, Katja Quinkle
Dennis Helm
Sound & Editing:
Daniel Scheimberg
Associate producer:
Alex Jovanovic
Christian Frosch - Kristina Konrad
Daniel Scheimberg - Thorsten Fleisch
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